Write Your “Let It Go” List

Spring Equinox, Full Moon, Great Timing.

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If I’m honest, I never really cared about spring. Winter is my favorite season, and saying goodbye to it always felt sad. I knew the “season of sweating” would soon be upon us and so spring was often filled with dread and disappointment for me, as opposed to everyone else’s joy and bouquets of flowers and bare legs.

But this year, I’ve been working on not hating things I’ve hated in the past, and spring is one of them. It’s spring for crying out loud, not dental work. (Though perhaps my fear of dental work should also be on the list.)

I’m looking into ways to make the most of every moment that we’re in, and this moment, this full moon and spring equinox happening tonight, is an amazing moment to let shit go.

I’ve written a Let It Go List, of all the things that aren’t doing me any good, things holding me back, all of the dreck (Yiddish word for crap though I feel you get the meaning from the tone) that I’m honestly pretty tired of at this point. My list is personal, as yours will be, but basically there’s a lot of guilt and feelings of wrongness and also one ugly rug in my kitchen.

Your Let It Go list is a chance to take a quick inventory of what’s in your life, either outside of you or inside of you, anything that brings you down instead of lighting you up, and lose it. I’d love to burn mine tonight but I have a massive fear of burning my apartment building down by accident so more likely than not this list is going down the toilet.

Spring is a season of newness, reawakening, and some pretty delightful weather that I want to view as much more than just impending summer doom. (I want to love summer more this year too, I’ll work on that later.) Take five minutes and write out a list of things that need to leave, now. We’re headed for a lot of newness tonight, and some things don’t need to come with us.

NPR once called me a humor essayist, let’s go with that. Host of A Single Serving Podcast. shanisilver[at]gmail

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