What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Basically, less.

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I don’t know about you, but no. No to this. No to freaking out. No to anxiety reverberating through my chest and stomach. No to fearing the future and the human and financial costs of an asshole virus. I’m not gonna do this. I’m not going to inhale fear, and exhale panic. Instead, I choose something else, something slower, something loving, something patient. I cannot stop this, but I can stop me. We are being asked, on a global scale, to slow the fuck down. I’m listening.

  • stand still
  • sit in a chair you never sit in
  • stretch big
  • hug the cat (okay, dog)
  • play a board game if there are more than one of you — do a puzzle if there aren’t
  • hang twinkle lights
  • FaceTime everybody
  • mediate
  • tell Alexa to play “Chilled Classical
  • use the crock pot
  • wear socks
  • light a candle
  • eat a cookie — if you do not have a cookie, make a cookie
  • watch videos of models falling
  • brush your hair
  • read a book…really read it — read it enough to ignore everything else
  • wash your sheets
  • clean the bathtub
  • take a bath, use the good bath bomb
  • watch YouTube videos of dogs in shoes
  • fuck Twitter
  • drink water, stick fruit in it
  • explore your cookbooks
  • try on all your fancy frocks and donate some as prom dresses
  • bake some bread — bake it twice actually, shove some chocolate chips in the second loaf
  • open a window
  • exist in pajamas
  • YouTube some yoga
  • watch a movie that came out before 2005
  • play an instrument if you do, sing if you don’t, dance if you can’t
  • shower in the afternoon, use the fancy soap
  • take snuggly pictures with your pets or babies and send them to people and tell them you love them
  • organize your fridge and freezer, smile every time you open them
  • take up French
  • water the plants
  • chop vegetables while you listen to a non-news podcast
  • start a group text where people can only post funny memes and videos not about viruses — if you break the rules you have to send everyone else a photo of you holding up a sign that says “I’m sorry”
  • make a pie, any pie
  • tell Alexa to play Kings Of Convenience
  • tea, lots of tea
  • make a Pinterest board of things you like, it need not have a purpose
  • film yourself cooking pretending to be Julia Child
  • pillow fort
  • only wear pants without zippers
  • look through old photos — physical, printed photos
  • watch these Irish people try food from around the world
  • plan a trip for October
  • cook dinner
  • watch some stand up
  • be quiet
  • smile at a neighbor
  • say thank you
  • say I love you
  • be courteous
  • be generous
  • be ok. we’re ok. be well.

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