What Is Social Media Window Shopping?

It’s that thing, where guys you almost dated don’t actually want to speak to you, but still watch every single goddamned one of your Instagram stories.

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  • saw significance in the fact that “he” looked at your story with no other evidence of significance than the very viewing of your story itself?
  • posted something hoping he would see it?
  • thought that if you posted the “right” thing, he’d get in touch?
  • thought that if you posted the “right” thing, you’d be together?
  • felt disappointed when he didn’t get in touch?
  • felt frustrated because none of them ever get in touch?
  • thought that being seen by window shoppers was better than nothing?
  • not wanted to block someone because that means the end of that attention?
  • figured it would just be easier to allow them to continue to follow you?
  • worried about not being able to window shop THEM, too?
  • Why are you settling for the smallest morsel of attention possible? Do you want more? Then stop accepting less. You can’t get more from window shoppers. Here’s proof: Have you ever?
  • Why are you afraid to take a very simple action that can give you back tenfold in self worth benefits by removing people who only want to maybe kind of see stuff you post? It’s actually much harder to continue feeling like shit.
  • Why do you give time and headspace to someone who shows you, over and over again, that all you’re worth to them is an Instagram story view?

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NPR once called me a humor essayist, let’s go with that. Host of A Single Serving Podcast. shanisilver[at]gmail

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