The Most Affordable Skeletons On The Internet

Shani Silver
3 min readAug 9, 2022

Halloween girls get it.

Photo by the author.

If you enjoy Halloween as much as I do and agree that it begins in July, I’ve got some information that might be of interest. For the last year, I’ve been in the market for two full size fake skeletons to use as Halloween decor, and much to my horror (see what I did there?) I couldn’t find any for less than around $70 dollars each. That is a lot, especially since my plan for these babies was to create a dead tea party installation on my front porch where they’d be exposed to the elements. For awhile, it seemed like I was either going to have to go without my precious friends, or spend half a plane ticket to Des Moines acquire them.

When it comes to Halloween, I’m not a quitter. When I say I’ve been looking for a year, that is how long I’ve been looking. As many retailers have caught on (finally) that Halloween is an entire personality for some of us, they’ve started listing their creepy season decor in the summer, and thankfully, in mid-July, Home Depot did just that. I will say this: I originally thought this price was fake. It is so much lower than what I’d seen around the internet that I was fully convinced my skeletons would arrive and be no bigger than a loaf of bread. They arrived this morning and they are of perfect human proportion. I am so happy.

I bought my skeletons (pictured above) via Home Depot’s website, this is the link to buy them if you’d like, they are $29.98 each, and they took 2.5 weeks to arrive. They are very good quality, very sturdy, extremely posable, and their eyes light up but I haven’t tested that feature as I don’t think I’m going to use it. They’re not heavy but the material is a thicker plastic than any fake skeletons I’ve owned before, these are good skeletons. Do not be surprised if I order more, I certainly won’t be. I’m still thinking of names for these two but I’m leaning toward Barbara and Adam Maitland-Silver.

These are currently on backorder, so I’m not sure how much risk you want to take, but there are also other skeletal options for you to choose from via Home Depot such as this set of SIX SKELETONS, at $25/per corpse that’s a steal, or this fellow who looks like he’s suffering from significant decay in the best way possible. And how ADORBS is this friend who lights up and makes hauntingly delightful sounds while wearing a charming cloak and chains! The eyes really add a certain something if you ask me.

Overall, my advice for Halloween home haunts on a budget is patience, comparison shopping, and creativity. Dollar and discount stores are your friends, comparison shopping online is worth the effort, and remember that Halloween happens every year, and your collection grows right along with it. Also, never underestimate the power of an affordable LED light strip to turn a completely normal living room into something the set designers from Beetlejuice would praise. Happy Halloween, ghouls.

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