The 10 Worst Things I Wrote In 2018

Shani Silver
4 min readDec 28, 2018

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Anyone can write a Top 10 list. All these recaps and lists of accomplishments and hopes for the year to come got me thinking about how 2018 was a year that didn’t go so well for me (can you smell the understatement), and how maybe instead fearing it, I could poke the jellyfish with a stick.

So here they are, 10 essays I wrote this year that you didn’t like. I’ve revisited them to determine if you’re entirely wrong and I’m amazing, or if maybe it’s okay to be a little bit meh.

(Listed in order of least most unpopular to most most unpopular)

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10 — Halloween Is A Single Person’s Holiday: It’s hard to compete with the number of people who enjoy couples costumes, I get it. I did however want to explain how absolutely glorious Halloween can be for single people, and dammit if I don’t think I did. Also I just love Halloween and Flying Tiger had an impressive selection this year so whatever.

9 — Standing Up For Myself To Commenters Who Tell Me To Stand Up For Myself: Honestly I didn’t really like this one either, I was just in a mood.

8 — I Don’t Pay This Much Rent To Sweat In October: I’ll bitch about humidity all I want, thank you, I don’t need your praise. This one was probably tough for anyone living outside of NYC to identify with, given our penchant for vomitous rent prices and the unique feeling that we’re all living inside a travel steamer for about 5 months about of the year. It’s a unique life, I understand.

7 — The One That Did It: I love this one but I think my title wasn’t descriptive enough. I very, very rarely write fiction, and it’s certainly on my list of life goals. (Though I don’t know if I’ll hit it in 2019, I don’t like to put too much pressure on one calendar year.) I need to get better at this, I’ll try my best, bear with me. Or just don’t read any fiction I write until I tell you the coast is clear.

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