The 10 Best Things I Wrote This Year

A few things I got right in a year gone wrong.

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You don’t want to know how many attempts this took.
  1. I Wish I Was Single In The 90s: To be read in tandem with the essay below, they amount to a thesis as much as anything I write ever could.
  2. The Reason Generation Y Hates Online Dating: See above.
  3. How My Wife Married Her Husband: This is one of the greats. Fuck modesty. I can tell a story.
  4. Get Your Thumb Out Of My App: The Fatal Online Dating Flaw Hinge Didn’t Fix: According to Medium, this was certainly my most successful post of the year, so as much as I hate bemoaning the state of device-based dating even further, it gets a spot here.
  5. The Second-Worst Date Ever: Laugh at my misfortunes, I really don’t mind.
  6. I Heard My Neighbor Fall In Love Through Thin Walls: This is rare for me, it’s a fictional short story. I don’t dabble in fiction often because the truth provides fodder enough, but this was fun.
  7. If I lived in Texas I’d Be Married Now: If your first thought was “yeah, probably,” read it.
  8. This Guy Didn’t Have Sex With Me Because He Didn’t Want To Text Me After: I once had a writing professor who told me I do my best work when I’m angry. By that measure this is the best thing I’ve ever written.
  9. The One About My Grandparents’ Letters: My family’s favorite, obvs.
  10. My Fictional Ode To Girls Who Get Everything: Fictional, but heavily inspired.

And on we go…

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NPR once called me a humor essayist, let’s go with that. Host of A Single Serving Podcast. shanisilver[at]gmail

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