Solo Travel Packing List: 7 Days, 1 Away Suitcase

And one Dagne Dover tote.

This photo has no purpose in the story I just really want you to see how cute my travel razor is!

The vessels are as follows: (It’s a bit millennial, I know)

  1. The Away Suitcase. I’ve consumed the Away Kool-Aid, and it is sweet. I’ve been using nothing but this carry-on sized Away bag since the fall of 2016, and apart from the wheels veering to one side, it’s been amazing. (They’ve offered to fix the wheels if I send the bag back, but who the fuck has a suitcase-sized box lying around, I ask you?) I have my eye on the white version of this bag and someday it will be mine.
  2. The Dagne Dover Tote. Just get this thing. It’s cute, it’s well-pocketed, and it’s squishy. Will fit more than you think it will. They also just came out with a bright color called “poppy” that I really want but 100% do not need.
  3. The Lo & Sons purse that goes in the Dagne Dover tote. Lo & Sons specialize in really genius bags that fit a lot more than anticipated. I’ve been carrying this crossbody for years, on many trips, and it’s always been perfect. This goes inside my tote and before landing I fill it with the normal purse-like fare, so that if I get to my hotel before my room is ready, I can leave the tote and the suitcase and just scoot off with this purse and waste no time rifling through my personal belongings on the floor of a lobby.

The advice is as follows:

Shirt: Missguided Leggings: Girlfriend Shoes: Nike

NPR once called me a humor essayist, let’s go with that. Host of A Single Serving Podcast. shanisilver[at]gmail

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