Ripe For Rejection: A New Book Proposal I’ll Just Burn For Warmth

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Here’s some tea.

Title: Branding, My Ass

Subtitle: Unmarketable, undatable, and other labels I’ve been slapped with.

Author Bio: Shani Silver is a 35-year-old writer, editor, and digital content strategist writing posts on Medium between the hours of 7 and 9am on Saturday mornings. Acknowledging that she is unattractive to both literary agents and mid-30s males alike, Shani plans a nonfiction work on the subjects of personal branding, human marketability, and the thesis that both are the shallow smoke and mirrors of our time. Rather than sending this to additional literary agents who will ignore it, reject it, or outright insult who she is as a person, Shani proposes this project here. She lives in Brooklyn with several pairs of leggings and her cat.

Summary: What do you do with advice that suggests you should change who you are? When who you are isn’t attractive, enticing, or “right,” logic suggests you can either let go of your lifelong dreams, or be someone and something you loathe entirely. It’s a bit of a pickle. Mmm pickles. This book will explore the realities and hilarities of a woman entirely unwanted by the two things she wants most: someone to help her find the other armhole of her jacket, and a book deal.

Chapter Listing:

  1. I Know But Who Are You?

2. Boys Don’t Like Boyfriend Jeans

3. Writing Is About How Good You Are At Instagram

4. Don’t Worry, I Don’t Want Children

5. You’re Such A Good Writer, I Wish I Could Help You

6. The Life Phase When Single Men Are Either 29 or 48

7. You Can’t Just Be Yourself Anymore, You Have To Have A “Thing”

8. A Sincere Apology For Having A Cat

9. Dragons, Superheroes, Harry Potter, & Other Nerdery I Won’t Abandon

10. Come Back When You’ve Gone Viral

Written by

NPR once called me a humor essayist, let’s go with that. Host of A Single Serving Podcast. shanisilver[at]gmail

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