Picking A Fight With The PR Industry

Shani Silver
6 min readJan 10, 2023

They—most certainly—started it.

Photo by Shani Silver

It’s mine, it’s not the first inbox assaulted. It is however the end of my silence on the topic. My work takes me to public spaces, and my email isn’t hard to find because I don’t want it to be. I understand that this will involve a certain amount of unwanted correspondence, most often from people just dying to improve my Google rankings. On occasion, it will also include PR industry cold calls trying to sell me on their client as a guest for my podcast. In these situations I need you to know that little to zero research on what my podcast actually is has been conducted. How do I know? Friend...

Most recently, I’ve had my digital doorbell rung thrice in one week in hopes of booking a male “personal development writer and anxious attachment style coach,” with the following pitch:

“Have you considered doing an episode about “How to find the right romantic partner?” or “Attachment styles/attachment theory anxiety in relationships” for your audience?”

A word on my podcast: It doesn’t cover these things. It actually covers the exact fucking opposite. I’ll dive deeply:

“How to find the right romantic partner?”

Okay. God. Fine. Listen to me clearly, no one, and I mean no one on this earth, least of all a man in his late twenties…