Men Love Pointing Out My Typos SO MUCH You Guys

Shani Silver
6 min readJun 21, 2021

I, in turn, love pointing out pointlessness.

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In a world that tells us to just be ourselves, I feel like people spend a lot of time expecting those selves to be perfect. Namely, I feel like men who read my writing and hunt down my typos like some sort of literary spaniel and then point those typos out as if conducting a vital public service need to calm the Christ down and let a woman live. And write. I’m always fascinated by individuals who physically cannot stop their fingers from critiquing that which does not belong to them and that which they’re not being paid to edit. For free? For free you’re doing this?

I typo a lot. I am a writer, not an editor, and expending energy on that which doesn’t actually have an impact has never really been my cup of coffee. I am a creative, but a logical one, and since I’ve never actually seen harm come to me or others from a misplaced consonant, vowel, or comma, I keep it moving.

I also write a LOT. I’ve written over 440 essays on Medium since 2017 and if you’re bad at math kids that’s over 100 per year or approximately nine per month. To err is human, to write this much means I’m a fucking monster. What do you think happens when that monster opens her Medium notifications to learn that someone has read her work and the key takeaway from that work, for them, was something as ineffectual as a typo? Monster angry. Monster angry indeed.

You could have a blank space as a profile photo and a series of numerals as your name and I’d know you’re a dude. Ninety percent of people pointing out my errors for me like they’re doing me a favor, like editing a stranger’s work is even a remotely normal thing to do possess the arrogance and entitlement only men can ooze from pores.

Did the boy have a problem with an accidental isle for aisle? Can he not go on living until he tells the girl what she did wrong? Does he feel better now? DOES HE? Let’s ask the girl how she feels. Oh, wait—why would we do that? Her feelings don’t matter, not to boys. Certainly not to boys on a mission to correct the errors of girls. Boys’ desires always come before girls’ feelings, everybody knows that!

Here’s a neat secret: My typos don’t matter! MOST typos don’t matter! Most typos, provided they don’t occur on medical…

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