IT’S PUB DAY! My Book Is Here Oh My God

Shani Silver
4 min readOct 26, 2021

Three easy ways you can support a self-published author.

I mean my god I’ve only wanted this since childhood.

Happy Publishing Day to MY BOOK! A Single Revolution: Don’t look for a match—light one. It is a guide for all those who are sick of being sick of being single, who know there must be more to our actual lives than the continuous disappointment involved in trying to “find someone.” Being single is not a malady or ailment. It is a completely whole, valid way to live life, and after years of being treated like I was unfinished, I decided to start changing the narrative around singlehood to one that we actually deserve.

After nothing but rejection from publishers who “don’t see a market” for my work, I decided to self-publish my book. After three years of podcasting and writing in this space, I actually do see a market, because I’ve been helping it feel better this whole time.

Self publishing, while incredibly empowering, does come with challenges, namely zero big-publisher distribution. THUS, if you’d like to support a self-published author while also improving the way single women are discussed and treated, here you go:

1 — Buy My Book!

I mean obviously, right? Yes, it would be the absolute best if you would buy my book, I’d LOVE THAT, but what’s far more important is that YOU love it. I wrote this book for women who deserve more than shame, lack, and longing. We aren’t confined to an unhappy life simply because it’s been really, really difficult to “find someone.” We get to be happy, too, and we don’t have to wait for another person to enter our lives to start living fully. If you’ve ever felt exhausted by singlehood and dating, this is your book.

You can buy my book on Amazon because that’s where self published authors publish their books. It comes in hardcover, paperback, and ebook! If you’d prefer to shop for my book locally, reach out to your favorite local bookstore and ask them to carry it! (Also, please feel free to reach out to me and let me know you’ve contacted your local bookstore, I’m happy to follow up with them too!)

Fun fact, the ebook is marked down to NINETY NINE CENTS for launch week, and if you score it for that bargain I’d REALLY appreciate you doing the second thing on this list, too.