Horoscopes For Single People

Predicting romance for singles? Groundbreaking.

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Photo by Farzad Mohsenvand on Unsplash
  • Communication strategies for when annoying people ask us why we’re single and we’re fire signs?
  • Which signs tend to be the “planners” in the friend group, and are there any strategies for communicating what we need from friends when we’re over it?
  • Are there certain signs that are better suited to having more than one cat? Asking for a friend…
  • Help with letting go of expectations of our friends and family when we’re feeling very Virgo about things?
  • What’s up with comparing ourselves to others this summer? Any thoughts on that?
  • Best signs for friendship with Capricorns? Bueller?

NPR once called me a humor essayist, let’s go with that. Host of A Single Serving Podcast. shanisilver[at]gmail

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