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Debate Tweets We Won’t See In The Next Election

We made it, kind of. In some ways, it’s over, if “it” is suffering through Donald Trump run-on sentences containing countless unfollowable topics, inaccurate statements, insults, and assurances rooted in nothing. We don’t have to listen to any more self-aggrandizing and utter moose shit pour from his withered, cracked lips. That is over. But if “it” is the Presidential race, we’re still in this, and for our future as well as the future of those who come after us, please read the items below not for a good laugh, but a good scare. Let’s ask ourselves how we got here, so that we’ll never come back.

May we tweet together again soon on happier occasions.

First, the Chelsea who can actually comment on the debates. I assume they didn’t let the other one bring her phone.

When this is all over I’d love to compare the pre-debate behavior lectures of this election to years past.

Taking bets on how many Ken Bone costumes you’ll see between now and 11/1.

Another reference to how utterly fucking childish grown ass people are behaving right before they potentially run the country.


Alright this one’s just funny.

The elephant in the room. Pun intended.

The dictionary is arguably the winner of last night’s debate. No, no it isn’t. Hillary won.

And she did Dan, she really did.

This is where things went off the rails a lil bit.

Sincerely speaking, I thought Hillary sounded like a goddamn President last night.

I did think we were going to like…learn things for the first 20 or so minutes.

Really puts things in perspective, don’t it?

Shonda for the Cabinet.

Recurring theme: Youth.

And this gem, which is hands down the best tweet I’ve seen this entire campaign season.

The Hill Remembers.



When the exhaustion with men interrupting, speaking over, speaking down to, changing their tones for, and generally UNDERFUCKINGESTIMATING women sets in…

Deep breaths are the key.

And last, but certainly not least memorable, the Trump-born battle cry women didn’t need to add to their endless arsenal, but certainly will:

NPR once called me a humor essayist, let’s go with that. Host of A Single Serving Podcast. shanisilver[at]gmail

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