It’s my birthday. I’ve been alive for 37 years now which seems like a lot and also not that much. Either way it seems selfish to keep what I know to myself, given that there are some real gems that come to you from time to time. If you don’t have time to read them though just focus on getting a pet and not worrying so much and honestly I think you’ll be just fine.

Happy Birthday to those who were also born on the 30th of June but also on all the other days too. We’re all doing just fine, I think you should know that.

Here we go:

1.We should only be doing work that we love.

2. We should only be working with people we like.

3. Elevators are fucking miracles.

4. You don’t have to be good at everything or smart all the time. You’re still worthy of people liking you.

5. Everyone should have a pet of some kind.

6. Along similar lines, is the best way to get cat barf out of the rug.

7. Making new friends is very hard and also very worth it.

8. It’s okay if you use swear words a lot.

9. Everyone has good stories.

10. If natural light is a big thing to you, get a home that faces sunrise, not sunset. Sunset is hotter and more expensive to air condition.

11. Knowing more of the world than where you came from is not optional.

12. Owning a bunch of books feels amazing until you move apartments. Still own them though.

13. It’s fine to be scared of things. You probably came by your fears very honestly.

14. Life doesn’t hate you.

15. You are worth every penny.

16. Enjoy the sheets you sleep on and keep them very clean.

17. People will always think they can tell you what to do.

18. They can’t.

19. You’re never too old to get a new tattoo. Or to do anything else you want.

20. It’s okay to not believe in god, but the universe might be worth looking into.

21. Tweet sparingly.

22. Make your bed every day.

23. It’s okay to read the comments as long as you remember that the words of the anonymous will never matter as much as what’s said to you by those who sign their name.

24. Guided meditation once a day for even 15 minutes is like taking a multivitamin for your mental health.

25. Buy bath and shower products that feel special so that once a day you’re a little fancy.

26. Ice roll your face.

27. Ask for what you’re worth. The opportunity in front of you is not the last one that will come along.

28. Wear body lotion.

29. Take your time, but be on time.

30. No one knows what they’re doing.

31. Not everyone is smarter than you.

32. It’s okay to not go to the thing.

33. It’s okay to not do what will make other people happy.

34. Buy more food that doesn’t come in a package.

35. Go to bed early if you like to.

36. Sometimes things are just going to happen. Let go.

37. You’ve already done so much. Be proud.

NPR once called me a humor essayist, let’s go with that. Host of A Single Serving Podcast. shanisilver[at]gmail

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